Statute of the Committee

Statute of the Committee

Art. 1

The non-profit “Giovanni Raffo” Committee to discover what causes and what cures ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)” is established, for an unlimited period of time with registered office in: via Tiziano Aspetti, 243/14 – 35134 Padova (Italy).

Art. 2

The object of the Committee is to raise funds to create a Research Foundation for the discovery of the cause and the effective cure, not mere palliative treatment, of ALS, by promoting a competition for two-year study grants. The term effective cure of ALS is used to mean a complete and definitive stoppage of the disease’s progression.

Art. 3

To achieve these aims, the Association has created an internet website ( where, among other things, it will publish the Research Topics.

Art. 4

The Committee’s resources will consist of:

  • any funds coming from public or private bodies or persons;
  • any donations or legacies;
  • any other resource or funding permitted by law.

Art. 5

All the money, right down to the last cent, that the Association receives will be spent (after paying any taxes) to finance research projects, which means: study grants, travelling expenses, visits and stays at specialist centers in Italy and abroad.
Not a single cent of the money received may be spent on the creation or upkeep of the Association itself, nor for the website, nor for stationery or other such expenses.